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Under the supervision of Mr Nouman Iftikhar and with the vision of making luxury living possible for most segments of society, MGC Developments has launched several luxurious yet affordable high-rise projects including MGC Divine, MGC Jewel & Jewel Extension, and MGC-5 within the span of 2 years.

Behind MGC Developments, there is a 3 decade-strong legacy of Mian Group of Chakwal - an initiative that started from a one-room set-up and with very hard work bloomed into a nationwide chain of stores and several subsidiaries, including MGC Developments, Mian Electronics, and MGC Real Estate; within a span of a few years. Credit to the hard work of the team, today, it is standing in the position of industry leaders and trendsetters.

Here we adhere to a stringent code of ethics and believe in honesty, commitment to quality, a professional demeanour, and customised service making us stand out among the rest.

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Ch Nouman Iftikhar

There are thousands of real estate developers in Pakistan, but very few operate with their clients and potential clients’ interests as their core focus; I can say with full confidence that MGC Developments is one of those very few companies.

We’ve launched luxurious yet affordable projects in the span of the last 2 years, with the mission of becoming a real estate developer of choice for our nation while building a beneficial environment and maintaining lasting relationships in the market. My team and I are confident that existing and prospective investors will continue to regard us as the partner of choice as they look to participate in one of the world’s most compelling growth stories.

Ch Farhan Iftikhar

Under the umbrella of Mian Group of Chakwal, with MGC Developments, MGC Real Estate, and Mian Electronics, we are reshaping the image and practices of respective industries in Pakistan and providing our valued customers with next-level nifty services and customized solutions.

We firmly believe that providing maximum advantages to our valued customers is the true measure of our company's success. MGC family is looking forward to a new age of growth as we create additional projects and launch new enterprises to optimize value creation for our stakeholders.



At MGC Developments, we have a one-of-a-kind capability to provide comprehensive real estate investment services in which customers have access to the most contemporary experience for all sorts of investment concerns and related services. Here, we look forward to cementing our reputation for offering the best investment prospects and delivering substantial returns to our investors.

Our History

Mian Group of Chakwal - an outlet that started from one room outlet bloomed into a nationwide chain and is known as the pioneer in the electronics industry. Likewise, we are proving to be an exception in real estate development.


2022 turned out to be the year of the immense growth of MGC Developments. This year our team multiplied 4x and we launched two projects: MGC-5 and MGC Jewel. And within 6 months of the launch of Jewel, after an overwhelming response from the investors, we launched its extension.


By the end of 2021, almost 50% of the MGC Divine was completed, years before its deadline. This year our team expanded as well as we planned our signature project Jewel.


With our project MGC Divine, we stepped into real estate development; this is the project with which we set a benchmark for not only our upcoming projects but for other developers.